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instant play guitar software
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Guitar Lesson Software Buying Guides

Guitar lesson software or learning how to play guitar from computer software is getting more and more popular today. The software’s are widely available from the music or book store in VCD or DVD format. Besides, you also can buy it from the internet as there are tons of guitar lesson software products available from various websites for you to choose.

I personally like to purchase the guitar lesson software from the internet simply because I can test and try the product to ensure that it’s worth the money I’m paying for and the quality is up to my expectation. Searching and shopping for the guitar lesson software from the internet is not an easy task. There are too many products currently being sold in various websites. If you did not equip yourself with buying guides you’ll be lost in the “jungles” of information in the world wide web.

With this in mind, I have compile 6 simple guitar lesson software buying guides for you to use. These simple guides will help you to find the high quality software with excellence customer service at reasonable price.

(1) Professional website and reputable coach

First of all, look at the website and see if it is look neat and clean like it was designed by professional web designer. Also, see if the website contains the picture of the guitar coach or guitar guru. Browse through the page to see if the guitar lesson software is recommended by others in the same industry. All these are very important to ensure that the guitar lesson software that you going to buy is developed by professional and reputable guitar coach.

(2) Excellence Customer Experience

How to verify of if the owner of the product is providing you with the excellence customer experience when shopping in the internet? What you can do is to send an email to the owner (or customer service representative) of the guitar lesson software product and see how long it takes to reply your email. The rule is, stay away from any website that take more than 24 hours to reply to your email. The professional and reputable website usually provide the visitors with the FAQ (frequent ask questions) and the online help desk that you can submit the ticket for any inquiry in addition to the email contact.

(3) 100% Money Back Guarantee, No Question Ask!

Look for the guitar lesson software that is offering 100% money back guarantee with no question ask. No question asks mean, they will refund you right after they received your request (normally by sending them an email). If this is not enough, check if the website is registered with FAT (Fair Trade Authority). FAT members will be provided with the electronic FAT logo that will be placed in the website.

(6) Exclusive free gifts or bonuses

There are huge differences between bonuses and EXCLUSIVE bonuses. Exclusive bonus is the bonus that exclusively designed and developed by the owner of the guitar lesson software and offer exclusively ONLY on his or her website. If you have seen it somewhere else, it’s not exclusive bonus but bogus.

(5) Reasonable Price Tag

How much should I pay? What is the reasonable priced tag? From our analysis and extensive study done, the price tag for the high quality guitar lesson software is between USD30 to USD50 for an instant download version. Instant download version is the version that you could instantly download the whole package from the internet. Some product is offering both instant download and CD or DVD version. If you want to get the CD or DVD version ship to your house, be prepared to pay between USD250 to USD350.

(6) Jam track (Optional)

This is optional. But if the online guitar lesson video website is offering jam track feature at no extra cost, you might want to consider this. What is “Jam Track”? Jam Track is the recorded music track of the other instrument such as drum and bass guitar that cover a wide range of musical styles such as rock, jazz, country, blues and dance. Having jam track is like having your own band. You can practice and jam with your band at home.

When it comes to buying or choosing the guitar lesson software, you must remember that each website or product will provide you with various features and goodies. For this reason, it is recommended that you to investigate those websites by using guideline above so that you’ll get the guitar lesson software that is high in quality with reasonable and affordable price. But, if that’s too time consuming for you, just visit our website Ultimate Guitar Review. We’ve done the entire verification base on the guidelines above plus some other test for you and short listed only the guitar lesson software’s that meet our strict passing point for your consideration.

instant play guitar software