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learn how to play guitar instantly
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Need help !!!!!!!?

I'm trying to learn to play bass (4 strings if you know ^ ^) I need help learning to play. What I need to take steps to learn to play fast? Do not learn in a few hours of play As some the famous bass player whom I see all the time. I'm surprised how good they are and instantly wanted to learn to play. Can anyone help? I practiceing but was unable to concentrate on learning to play. Can anyone tell me how to focus on learning to play? Just like learning to play fast? Maybe give me a site or something that might help.

Ok friend …….. !!!!! I can not say somehow miraculously magic to help quickly learn to play bass guitar … but … I can tell you to get really good, the best support and is only Practice … … practice practice! I know from experience, because I play the guitar, the bass is not only the guitar. And I feel frustrated and angry because he hated practice for an hour each day, it seemed as if I was not improving. But now I am very pleased that I spent the whole time practice because the finger exercises that really helped me. (And if you do not know, the finger exercises strengthen fingers for you can play a chord without sounding all the horrible and will really need because the bass!) sounds like a great man, tell me if my "advice" helped everyone!

learn how to play guitar instantly

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