Learn Guitar Scales Free

learn guitar scales free
Guitar Scales Lesson – Lead Guitar Solo Lessons – Major Pentatonic Licks

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Hey! My father bought a Fender Squier guitar for my birthday because I said I wanted to play the guitar. I was a consultant to the lash line, but I thought that playing tag is not what I really wanted to do. I do not know the scales! And I do not want to go to waste! I do not have enough money to get a teacher so it's not an option. I was wondering so if anyone out there know any good free classes online (YouTube or sites) (I prefer sites where they must sign, but not end of the world) and I'm not myself I care about education so if someone tells me where to start and how or what to do. And finally, if someone willing to teach me a lesson but Yahoo Answers is a lot of writing and if I do not feel bad, and recognizing the same time lol. I hope someone can help me:)

PluckandPlayGuitar a video based classes free for beginners and assumes that they know nothing or almost nothing. That guides you step by step through the basic guitar chords one at a time. Also classes in guitar scales, techniques and songs easily play. http://www.pluckandplayguitar.com/

learn guitar scales free

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