Learn Guitar Acoustic Or Electric

learn guitar acoustic or electric
Blues guitar lesson on the turnaround lick2 acoustic or electric

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Learn electric guitar or acoustic?

Hello, I bought my son a guitar for Christmas and were very happy play with him when he's not there. I think now that I would try to learn to play guitar. Would it be better to buy an acoustic guitar and take lessons? or should I buy an electric one (which I prefer) and try to find a good book for beginners? Electrical / Sound? Lessons / book? thanks shawn

I had the same question when I started, but I went the opposite what everyone says I started in an electric field is much more fun than is safe:) on the same side of the coin you start to have serious limitations on the speed and how the fingers, so I went out and bought an acoustic wow game maybe 2-3 hours a speed and low real aid and diplomacy. You will receive a little less than a power game, but I really like the sound of the acoustic and so if you do not the sound of something that will not play. I can not help with the teachings of the book / cause problem that does not try to learn other people's songs. I I learned some chords and stuff but I think the biggest influence on me was the minor pentatonic scale. I can also use a selection for alternate picking was a big influence on my style of game harvesting spare means that instead of attacking all the documents downloaded or transferred to another. up, down, up, down, up, etc. A as scratching up and down, but in a chain. Well good luck and play with your heart.

learn guitar acoustic or electric