Guitar Hero Guitar Playstation 3

guitar hero guitar playstation 3
Guitar Hero: Soulless 3 -1 Miss by Danny Johnson (GH Gameplay/Commentary)

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how to use Guitar Hero Guitar Hero 3 Wireless Guitar for PlayStation 2?

I won the special prize is that it what it says on the back has the logo and said exacly RedOctane Guitar Hero Wireless Guitar for PlayStation 2 and put new batteries, but hey I turned the only light flashes and tried Gutiar hero 2 and 3, but I'm not working with the PS2 too, but I can not connect to what I see in the edition manual for both games, but it says nothing about wireless gutairs

There is a small adapter you can buy. I found that Wal-Mart for $ 15. It is the only way.

guitar hero guitar playstation 3