How To Play Guitar Blues Riffs

how to play guitar blues riffs
50 Blues Guitar Licks You MUST Know – Lick #45: What Was That? – Jeff McErlain

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The role of the piano in a jam band?

I have always fought as a pianist in a game Jam (Blues, Jazz, Rock) band. I about 16 years of classical training and a year of training solo jazz improvisation 2 /, but still not sure how fit I am when I am low or guitar. Are there resources for the role of a piano in a jam band, or do you have any advice? After seeing Hiromi Uehara for a while, I feel I play more like a percussion instrument and a combo of bass riffs down for the rest of the band, and sometimes giving a melody or just when needed.

This can be difficult. The piano sound in a fixed position. Fixed in the chamber, fixed volume, fixed against the wall. Their role is often more useful to a beverage break. I'd say development of an idea before the jam and promote their group to try to stick to that. This could make them fit for a change and, generally, to create greater awareness. In some cases, I tried to put in some funky moves here and there, instead of trying to get the rhythm. … Focus more on fills and accents and let the bass and drums drive more. Here's a link to a version of Django from Brazil … … The piano here is a little more than what I say but do not try to manage the pace … is, as you say, "Fit". … I hope this helps a little, or at least give some ideas. – Have fun!

how to play guitar blues riffs