Play Guitar Through Bass Amp

play guitar through bass amp
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Can you play a little guitar amp through a normal, without damaging the amp?

I have a Line 6 Spider III 150 and do not want if I could play the bass guitar in high volume and not break the amp or speakers or anything. thanks

You can i play, if not, but the tone of the whole way. You can put flat on your amp to play safely. He did not intend to handle deep bass, and large volumes. If you play high, distort and get to the center or a stroke. Located not in between. Fair play and be sure not too low, of course. Edit …. as for the other answers, do your homework. I worked 25 years in guitar amps / bass and there was not one of them damaged a loudspeaker. Unlike the speakers in a guitar amplifier is designed manage medium and high compared to a bass amp that can handle high. That's why the bass are spunchy in a bass amp and vice versa. A guitar does not have a high frequency and medium term in a bass amp. Sons of the mud.

play guitar through bass amp

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