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play guitar clip art
How to Play Guitar Like BB King – Ex. 2b – Blues Guitar Lessons

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Can not find classical music to see the arts? guitar duo, something cute …?

Classic Arts Showcase I watched a few days ago the mountains and the music that really wanted to go. It was a guitar Linde, I think it was Boyd or something. The other guitarist was a man, but I can not remember his name. The video clip was almost entirely of sitting face to face on the stairs of a Old building, playing a duet called Carnivale fast or something, a whole I think it was written or arranged. Can anyone help me find that record, or is the artist?

Can not help it but I know a great violist named Linda ghidossi-Deluca. She lives near San Francisco and has a CD of music by Bach. His work is perfect!

play guitar clip art

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