Play Guitar Hero 3 Computer

play guitar hero 3 computer
Let’s Play Guitar Hero 3 PC Part 14

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How can you get mp3 files to play on Guitar Hero 3? This song, for example, was not in the list of songs Guitar Hero 3. Should I buy songs or something or I can get a song on my computer and put it on my PS3 and download somehow Guitar Hero?

I think the song in the video was an added bonus or track. These questions, like the video can be purchased on Xbox LIVE or the PS3 "All that is required." The PS3 has limited downloads and characteristics of GH. Why? I do not know. I guess Sony thinks there is a market for him. Now, to the extent actually put a song in the world of GH. Yes, you can do. I've seen it done several times before but I have no idea how. Good luck 2 you!

play guitar hero 3 computer

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