Fender How To Play Guitar Dvd

fender how to play guitar dvd
Guitar Lesson: Major Triad Chords

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Fender Starcaster?

I went to Cost Co Starcaster today and saw a guard with a beautiful color and comes with a: belt, bag, an amplifier, a Wammy bar, picks guitar tuner, DVD video and a book. All this for just $ 189. Is it worth the money for themselves or not * know how to play guitar and I'm good enough and better than a beginner *

Ive heard Starcaster never played a Tho, I am a fan of the Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul and the whammy bar throws his guitar out of tune much faster than without an amplifier and usually 10 to 15 watts but good if it works the more u can always update more Ampere

fender how to play guitar dvd