Free Guitar Playing Instructions

free guitar playing instructions
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Make MP3 ?!!!???!!! GP5 RSE 111??

Has anyone found a way to make an mp3 of a song GP5. Wherever I look at is not the same problem but no concrete answer, and it is difficult to link all the answers together. Conditions: 1. No microphone. Sounds like crap 2. Silly instructions below to me. I am a bit computer savvy, but I prefer simple instructions. 3. Tell me if you need software. I do not if it's free or $ 500. 4. Tell me if you need more hardware (except for MICS) Please in a sense I'm desperate. I do not know many people here who can play my kind of thing, but I still have my 20 minutes without hearing annoying epics shit the world with a simple guitar and saying, "Wait, it's one in the bottom right now" if you know what I mean. If you please please please please help me PLEA. I'm sorry if my moaning has gone on too long. Thank you in advance.

I do not know

free guitar playing instructions