Play Guitar With Garageband

play guitar with garageband
Garageband setup with guitar

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Why is this horrible screeching noise when recording with GarageBand?

So my plan was to record my guitar on the microphone on my MacBook Pro with Garageband, but when I became a "monitor", which began this sound horrible scream. I moved into my guitar and amp Mini-away from the computer, but in vain. I put the effect of noise on the final gate, which helped, but will result in the loss of quality when recording. Any idea how I can solve this problem? Have you had this problem?

Feedback. Or you're a terrible musician. : P I do not know not with the garage band or audio production on Mac, but the concepts are the same. Mac sound speakers or connect the guitar directly into the microphone jack mitigate the problem.

play guitar with garageband

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