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learn guitar accompaniment
David Archuleta – You Can (Guitar Accompaniment + Tabs)

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What should I sing?

Every year my school has a concert at the COP. This junior year and I sing something. But I do not know why. Years I have sung with the choir and the cameras and not heard. Requirements: You can not have a record, you need an orchestra or accompaniment. My father played guitar, and if it is the song I can play easy. I know someone who could accompany me the piano, but it is easy I myself can learn. It must be a popular song, a pop / rock, or something you wrote. We must especially students our school. I was thinking of a Fiona Apple song, because I like Fiona Apple, I'm tall, and none of his songs have been made in recent years. Someone else could do criminal Fiona. With my band I'll do a song Killing Heidi, calm down. But my sister will sing, I play bass. Does anyone know of any female artist or song high I could do to satisfy the requirements?

Gift Fiona Sing separation. It a good song, especially for large, and is super easy to learn on the piano.

learn guitar accompaniment

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