Play Guitar Using Computer Keyboard

play guitar using computer keyboard
“Never Going Back Again” using Apple Garage Band

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I play guitar (12 strings) on my laptop?

I'm a fan of 12 strings (Yamaha FG 230) guitarist. I travel extensively (Driver truck). I tried to take my guitar with me, but it is too large. I'm also an amateur computer, so they have a new laptop. I want a program that will sound like an acoustic guitar (12 string if possible) the guitar and uses the basic keyboard / mouse of a computer game laptop. Possibly use a USB keyboard MIDI input / output, record, add the battery etc. Yes, I prefer something that costs under $ 100 that should have mentioned that the implementation Windows. GarageBand is a Mac application, however, that the information I found:

try garage band, I'm sure you have everything you need theres a variety of versions of one is necessary to have a 12-string guitar, so I'm around 100 $ (Do not keep Tho)

play guitar using computer keyboard