Live And Learn Guitar Pro Tab

live and learn guitar pro tab
Love the Way You Lie by Eminem feat. Rihanna (fingerstyle guitar solo) + Tabs

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Good and easy Christian Rock song?

Me and my band are playing for the first time live. It’s for a church program. We need a christian rock song that we can learn and practice in a week with school and other activities in the way. So it needs to be pretty easy. And it has to be a song that we have the sheet music for. We use guitar pro and we get the tabs off I don’t mean to sound bossy haha but it’s the only way we can play it. Thanks. Oh and the instruments we play are piano, drums, and guitar. And it’s ok if there is no piano. Thanks.

“Beautiful Thing” All-Star United
“New Way to Be Human” Switchfoot
“More Than Fine” Switchfoot
“Sea of Faces” Kutless

live and learn guitar pro tab