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kids learn guitar book
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a musician who wants to learn the harmonica (it will give you the best answer)?

Ok, I'm already a musician, I know how to play trumpet, piano and guitar. I've been a fan of Blues Traveler and I thought what the hell I want to learn to play harmonica. What should I do to get a decent harmonica, not professional, but a good thing? Also, where do I go? I know that music aboutt I'm not looking for the first harmonic series for the weak with the book and all the basics of the introduction. only good, but pricy not very harmonious. Currently the time was thinking about cruising along the center guitar and diatonic take one. So what do I do? Thank you, best answer will certainly cost me a lot to decide the category. I am a little better in the blues or country … but it is not the kind of music im going after? right I almost forgot, basically, I get it? Is there a difference? and not the low air leak prices or the limits of what I can do

I have a Hohner Marine Band in the key of C. That's what I started using it as played first and almost a year later, I still use it. This is a great harmonica, and is really cheap. Is well built. I highly recommend it. PS. Excellent tool for learning to play, lots of fun. Good luck!

kids learn guitar book