How To Play Guitar On Pc

how to play guitar on pc
How to play guitar like George Harrison – by mjsokes

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How do i record guitar on PC?

Hi, my aim is to record me playing the rythm guitar of a song in a video with the backing track and then the lead guitar in another video and then join them into one video split screen, so overall i will have a video of me playing the rythm on one side of the screen and then the lead guitar on the other side of the screen and the backing track aswell, but i have no clue how to do it or what software and recording stuff i need? Any help please 🙂

If you want the very best sound quality you can get, and you are merging audio and video into one multimedia production, you should really consider getting Pro tools.–3rd-gen–106091184-i1552697.gc – You will also need some really good video editing software but, I’m not that familiar with the video side. I do know that Pro Tools is better at merging and synchronizing audio into a video presentation better than any other DAW (digital audio workstation). You will also be getting true broadcast quality sound recordings with Pro Tools. I know for a fact that Megan Nicole records using Pro Tools so this will give you an idea of what she is doing …

I would suggest that you record from your guitar effects processor directly into the Pro Tools computer interface bypassing your guitar amplifier unless you rely on the amplifier’s effects as well. Don’t record your guitar with a microphone unless you have a non-acoustic electric and then you should use a good condenser mic to record your guitar and vocals but, not at the same time. You want the guitar and vocals to be on separate recording tracks. I also suggest that you look into getting a BOSS VE-20 vocal processor. You will sound so much more professional singing through a VE-20. It’s well worth it.

You’ll need to do research on video or multimedia editors and select one that will allow you to do what you need it to do. For audio, you cannot beat Pro Tools.

how to play guitar on pc

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