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Where does a connector on the guitar in an acoustic guitar?

I feel like an idiot asking this question … But I'm going to buy an M-Audio Fast Track USB thing to record my songs, and I think you need to connect the acoustic guitar in it? I know I need an XLR mic, but do not quite understand when a guitar cable is supposed to take my acoustic guitar … (I have almost no knowledge on the subject of the registration overall, I am trying to learn something before starting it, haha).

An acoustic guitar itself will not be plugged into what is calls an "electro-acoustic guitar or a guitar pickup that fits into the hole in the sound of your acoustic guitar. If you do not mail in his acoustic guitar, you know. If you do not have something built in which will get a collection out, or simply use a microphone for recording. If you have not built in electronics, visit a site like this or ask samash.com musiciansfriend.com you need.

learn guitar usb