How To Say Play Guitar In Spanish

how to say play guitar in spanish
How to Say The Food is Delicious in Spanish

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necessary translation (Spanish to English) a youtube video?

I've been looking eto find everywher a way to connect my ps3 les paul wireless guitar to the computer, I can play guitar hero on my pc (for custom songs.) I'v managed to I connect to my PC and I can run in several games, but when I try to establish control of Guitar Hero 3, the game just freezes. I saw this video on YouTube that shows a person using a computer control problem is not that the thing was in Spanish and I can not speak Spanish, so I besoin de quelqu'un pour me dire ce que vous pensez et si ils vous disent comment fonctionner. Thank you.

YouTube does not let you do that, because it means that you must Each video will go and bring all language.Just try to follow or be told in English in the comments box should be below the video

how to say play guitar in spanish