Learn How To Play Guitar Solos

learn how to play guitar solos
Learn How to play blues guitar solos minor pentatonic lesson 2

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How long on average would it take an intermediate guitar player to learn a full song?

Im playing guitar nearly 2 years and im just wondering if i dont spend enough time on actually trying to learn the songs!Ive been trying to play solos from metallica and they just dont sound right so im wondering if its simply that im not spending enough time practicing it or the tabs a wrong!Or simply that im not good enough 🙁

if you learn and study the pentatonic scale,
it’ll help a lot with Metallica’s solo’s
you should also learn the Phyrgian Dominant scale because Kirk Hammett likes to use it in a few songs
once you know what scale is used to compose the solo,
it kind of makes it easier to learn and memorize..
but that’s just me o_o
if you practice about 4 hours a day then it should take you about 20 to 30 minutes to learn the basic riffs and solo structure of a metallica song,
but that’s just my geeky estimation 😀

learn how to play guitar solos

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