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best guitar players today
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Who thinks Tubeway Army / Gary Numan w was the best band of all time?

The old Numan was the best, but his things as 85 in the void I was disappointed So when I heard his case later. plan, replicas, the pleasure principle, Telekon, Tubeway Army (album) were the best ever. I'm a fan of Numan at how far I have all the albums i listed on the tape, LP and CD. I also believe guitar he could not then and today should listen to his play guitar and drums playing jess Lidyard "ought years" and "Do you need service?" Killed his guitar playing and with his uncle Jess Lidyard on drums, basically, broke their instruments not to mention the best bassist Paul Gardiner is never heard on bass on "Listen to the Sirens", "You're in my vision" and "would years had "You agree that Numan is best? and that their new material sucks?


best guitar players today