How To Play Guitar Scales String

how to play guitar scales string
How to Play a Twelve String Guitar : Minor Pentatonic Scale on the Twelve String Guitar

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Question guitar scales, I uinderstand?

I played guitar for about 3 months, I'll try to explain it better could. I learned alittle bit on a small scale penatonic and really does not understand how it is supposed that the use ladders to create a song? How do you know what sounds good? Are you using the same way you learned the fingering of the scale is always the same? You know how in the smaller scale of your index and little fingers are always in the last two strings and the thickest string above is supposed to use the scale in the same way all the time? I try to make sense, but I do not know Thank you.

Congratulations your new skill. The main reason for learning scales is the practice of working in a key. A rating scale is a key sequence. Most songs are written in major keys and minor, but there are many exceptions. Once you learn a song in a key, you can "embed" in other related keywords, or improvise and change the melody a bit. Keeping notes improvised in the same tone, it is more easy to make sure it sounds good. To create less interesting, but their stay in the same tone that owes its origin. There are some notes on the scale are "stronger" or "low" to begin or end a melody. When you are a beginner, you can think of the first quarter, fifth, and one of notes of the scale as the strongest (in that order) and try to start or terminate the agreement with all the time. As you gain experience they gain more confidence and knowledge of music theory which is the basis of good music. Hope this helps. Have fun!

how to play guitar scales string