Learn Guitar Lesson 1

learn guitar lesson 1
Learn Funk Guitar Lesson 1 Marty Schwartz

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Why can not I do this kind of guitar?

So I was learning the guitar for six months on mine and I recently He received a Master wanted me to work on my finger and riffs-ing so I gave this lesson to get my fingers more precise and faster, 3 — 9 — —————- ————- —— May 7 – ————- ————— 4 ———– 2 —— — — —- —– 878 878 878 878 —— —— —— ——- ——- 878 878 878 878 —– 1 ———– 7 ——– ——- —– ——— July 7 ———— 7 ———- I ———————- makes my lessons more easily, and I work on this for two weeks faster! and yet I can not do well. Can you tell me any other exercise that allows me, or something that could help?

This is all the finger on you. There are two obvious ways this approach. 1) The "finger check" method Keep your thumb on the back of the neck (about near center), with the index Notes on the seventh fret, the middle finger of notes in the eighth inning and ring to worry about Notes on the ninth session. Keep your fingers close to the ground when they are not noted with concern them, and that his finger hovering just above the tenth box, as if he was going to use. Try more disturbing notes about the nut when playing above the neck – so when you play in the box ninth session, you must have your ring finger fretting the note published, the middle finger on the same string in the eighth fret and your index finger in the seventh. This is particularly important for the '878 '(GF # G) in the second (B) chain – must move from their environment – middle fingers, but keep your finger position, taking care to note when you play with your finger – Directory medium. 2) Another way to finger this! Use the "finger of freight idea before, but try barreing the seventh fret with your index finger – which means that the index finger is flat on the neck, worrying all the strings play the seventh fret fret all the notes in the seventh. fingers on the other works the same way.

learn guitar lesson 1