Rolling Stone Best Guitar Players Ever

rolling stone best guitar players ever
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distorting guitar question /?

I play a Gibson Les Paul Jr. by a blues and is one of the best sound settings I heard, but I want to expand my sound as a guitarist. The Blues Jr. can really play their own blues Blues crack. What type (s) distortion pedal (s) should I look for different sounds garbled sound? I have a pilot Boss BD-2 Blues, but when I run my amp through the mud and too distorted. I want ot be able to get the tone of the late '60s, the guns of the Rolling Stones, Hendrix, Nirvana, early Black Sabbath and Pink and AC / DC. What do you suggest the pedals? I know my question is a bit scattered, but if you can give a hint to one of the groups I listed would be very helpful.

This problem is rare, but here's my opinion. I have a TonelabSE Vox pedal. It has built in a tube and an excellent work in creating different tones and distortions. Here is a link where you can learn more about him and preview. If you are More on the pedals to try a Boss DS-1 Nirvana. That's all that Kurt used to distortion. The tone was established by the Bureau preamps used. For GN'R or Sabbath, test an Ibanez Tube Screamer, or a distortion of the rat. No sound will be perfect, but it's a good start. Hendrix used Vox wah pedal and rotary Univibe. Its distortion from a tube amp, like most other groups that you mentioned. Almost all the pedal that built into a tube or intends to emulate tube distortion to get the sound you want. I was tired of concern for millions of different pedals and got the Tonelab pedalboard. It is very solid and very impressive is not too expensive (300-400 $)

rolling stone best guitar players ever

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