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learn guitar tunes
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What is the best way to learn guitar for a total beginner?

I downloaded Guitar Pro, but I want to know what is the best method to learn guitar. In addition, the time it takes to generate the strings himself after hearing a song? I know the question is subjective, but a general consensus would be appreciated. And finally, is there any software available on the market to allow this learning?

It totally depends on your goals as a guitarist. As a guitarist, I know that when I started play was just to have sex with girls because the musicians are cool … : P anyway, you might want R: agreements and learning campfire songs for fun. To this end, Guitar Pro is ideal, just learn to change quickly agree to and sing a little. You want Perhaps B: Part of a guitar solo band or just play fast guitar. It also begins to touch things or guitar pro, but you must, after learning scales rooms and listen to good music to get the meaning of a solo. Besides, who became C: to become a composer of music with the guitar … this is very complex because we must learn the theory and knowledge of the guitar very well. If you want A or B, in favor of the guitar is right: randomly play songs you love wikipedia and learn scales. Then try to free themselves in the songs. For C, I could give you more information and the books he could find.

learn guitar tunes

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