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learn how to play guitar games
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I need finger exercises for guitar collection?

I am very new to the guitar …. I'm 13 years old I been interested in the guitar b / c of "Guitar Hero guitar, I bought my fist (Dean of revenge) and need to know some exercises b / ci just do not understand labels on the Internet, I have the sheet that I do not play the chords A, B, C, D, E and G agree I need help in the F chord and I can learn how to choose … my friend who insisted on playing guitar to learn the first electric guitar b / c of its harmonics, I find it easy to learn guitar …. I like the technology around me is hard for me to learn the exercises and I'm bored wen i guitar hero 3 to play the guitar help me Lil ac I want to play faster not know if I'm going in the right feel I need anything with advice for me to learn to play guitar

kt is correct rope F. If this is still difficult for you, because you must keep two strings with one finger, try to play a Fmaj7th. This involves leaving the high E string (the thinnest string, and over the range near the plant, such as the guitar sitting on your knee) is out of this channel open. This is shown as a string … sixth to first XX chain-3-2-1-0, it is Fmaj7th opinion that it's almost like an F chord, but his first finger does not need to hold both strings first and 2nd at the 1st fret. as in the normal F chord … Hope XX-3-2-1-1 that is not confusing … means that X does not play this string, and both X are above the two chains are larger than on the roof …. str E 6 th and 5 th string A. Finally, you must learn the Agreement F correctly. You can also play a bit simple Agreement on the 5th fret F, using a manner worthy D. XX-0-2-3-2 D line XXX-3-4-3 D XXX Slide 4-5-4 Agreements strong agreement fret E major, and theres a good line of F Lil. 5e box rope XXX-5-6-5 F Keep playing with your friend … especially if it is more advanced … will improve much faster. Good luck

learn how to play guitar games