I Can Play Guitar Ps2

i can play guitar ps2
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I do my ps2 scratching noises when the game Guitar Hero World Tour. Why is this happening? fixable?

My PS2 is scratching noises when I play world tour guitar hero. Why is this happening? this problem can be solved? Details 1 – the lower disc rotates world hero Gutar a color slightly darker than my other games. 2 – my ps2 plays all my other games without problems such as DDR, Kingdom Hearts, 3, etc. – sounds that occur during the load screen, where the logo appears Guitar Hero 4 – there is a small bar on the loading screen that fills and then stops at the end. the game does nothing but noise and again and again until you turn off the system or remove the disc. Any help is greatly appreciated. Was My Christmas gift to my sister that I hoped work. I was shocked, like many others out there who have this problem. I have a PS2 Slim

Guitar Hero World Tour i had problems with my (slim) PS2, but it just does not load at all, at all – not even a touch rectal, only blocked the system, including the power button (do not turn off until I opened the lid). I had no problem with any game or disc at the time anyway, is that Guitar Hero World Tour is a dual layer disc, and a bunch of old PS2 has trouble reading dual-layer discs. Activision said it is a known problem. Sony offers to renew my PS2 for $ 45 (plus shipping both ways, and I 'm in Alaska so it would be expensive!) Thinking that I had nothing to lose, I cleaned the laser lens * bit carefully with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, then wipe with another point q. In short, my first Guitar Hero World Tour now loading time, every time I do not know if it will work for you, but it's worth it, right? Good luck!

i can play guitar ps2