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learn guitar improvisation
Jazz Guitar Improv by A Robert Conti Student

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Can anyone help me learn to improvise and harmonize?

I would like to know how to improvise on the guitar. I'd I like my own songs but also to harmonize and improvise on the chords and rhythms of other people who help me a lot if I knew how. If you know any good site I can learn or you can teach me what might help.

Know your balance. Find the key of a song and play the tone (1 rating scale in the key) and the note on both sides of the same with the song. As you feel comfortable with that add more notes of the scale. You commit mistakes, but as it advances the ear can help you know what that sounds good and what is not with the chord changes. Practice addition, the fewer mistakes you make. Yes, Do not push yourself too far too fast. If this is not fun, do not keep things.

learn guitar improvisation