Learn How To Play The Bass Guitar

learn how to play the bass guitar
How to Play the Bass Guitar : Drop D Tuning a Bass Guitar

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How to play bass / difference between the bass and electric?

I play the guitar (not surprising, but not too bad). and you want to learn to play bass. So I would like to know the difference between them. I know that the strings are different, a different number of em the longer neck, blah. but what is the contrast to play with them .. they both have strings? How to play the bass? How to play bass in general? and learn about when there is no way to get a teacher? thank you:) (any reliable information would be useful, in addition to the features physical one)

Play the bass is almost exactly the same as playing the guitar. The four strings of a bass are tuned to the same notes that the last four strings of a guitar are just an octave lower. Therefore, all notes in the corresponding frets are the same for each instrument. Not usually play chords on a low as far as I know.

learn how to play the bass guitar