Play Guitar Hero On Computer Now

play guitar hero on computer now
Guitar Hero III – PC Keyboard (noob)

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Should I keep Guitar Hero 3 for the computer or buy a Wii so special?

I have three guitar hero on the PC a gift, only it does not work if I can buy a brand new video card for that. only problem is that video cards are $ 100. I was thinking buying a Wii and Guitar Hero get there because I have some GameCube games and you can play it, but $ 350 is due to the request to that time! However, I think about getting Guitar Hero Aerosmith 4 and when they leave, and I do not know if I have enough memory on my computer to support all all three games, meaning he would have to buy more memory. opinions, please! new video card or memory, or Wii? How cost of each option? Oh, and if I did not buy a Wii, which could even possibly find one?

I think the pc sucks compared wii.I to have and its great for what it really depends on what television is not the game is a computer screen do.On great Lil P

play guitar hero on computer now