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guitar play music
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Is there any reason to learn to play guitar from regular sheet music?

Playing guitar is not the key music regularly or not at all guitar tabs world use on a line representing each string? To: Thanks Elio for the reply, but this is not what I mean. If someone uses diagrams agreements above the music button (the staff) do not actually read its main lines. There reason to learn to play from the sidelines I learn tab notation or guitar?

There are advantages to learning to read music to guitar, especially for beginners: 1) Time – Sheet shows the exact date of the note (fourth, eighth, etc.). This is very important for any What instrument. The tone and timing are the two things that make a good guitarist. With music sheet there is no uncertainty about the duration or time to hit the Note. It also shows the real motive strumming (say up, down, up and down, in fact it is not good). Tablature no real indication of time. 2) Listen to songs – with the sheet music can play any song, even without ever hearing it before. Again, because all the time indicated in the partition. 3) Music Theory – By learning sheet music, an introduction to theory. Music theory is good musicians communicate with each other, and how to write music composers. Yes, even the bands you hear on the radio that look like lazy addicts can write scores. Not all, but much good. That's why guitar teachers cope with stress and learn to read music, unlike tablature. The truth is, the tab is much faster to learn, because you must learn to read anything. Thus, a lot people to learn this way. I learned from tablature then after going to sing and write my own stuff, I decided to learn how to read music. I found it very beneficial. But to leave, I would say it is not necessary. But I'll definitely do something good for learning. Good Luck.

guitar play music