Can You Play Guitar With Small Hands

can you play guitar with small hands
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What should I buy the guitar?

Hello, I'm going to buy my first guitar … I was wandering what to buy. I went to Guitar Center today and the guy told me it is easier to play an electric neck due to smaller and smaller amount of pressure needed (I'm 15 years and I have the small hands and not brittle), but I always thought that began with the sound. Now, the type of music I like is generally healthy, especially Kate Nash-listening soft songs and stuff. I told the guy I liked the acoustic sound and I probably would not play a hard rock crazy. He showed me a semi-hollow electric guitar and I thought it would be my best option. What do you think? "I can not get that acoustic sound, the light that I like a semi hollow guitar? Does this sound good unplugged (I did not always meet and connect it all, I just take my t guitar and jam) Do I need an acoustic guitar?

What you can do is ask the people at Guitar Center if they can show different types of electro-acoustic guitars, acoustic guitars are that can play alone, or are connected to amplifiers and yet I only have the acoustic sound. The Pain may be felt at startup is normal and usually a guitar with a thin neck would solve the problem. Then after that, just decide on the brand, price, and whether to go with nylon strings or steel. I recommend nylon strings make it easier on the hands because it is a beginner guitar and nylon to give the Spanish-style environment. The steel strings are a bit more difficult, depending on the size of the strings, but they emit a pleasant sound. Oh, and semi-hollow bodies are mostly a kind of electric guitar. Unless you want to go with that and then get an acoustic pedal to the amp, which makes the height of his acoustic guitar through the amplifier.

can you play guitar with small hands