List Of Great Bass Guitar Players

list of great bass guitar players
Top 20 Best Bassists

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Who was the band on The Tonight Show with Doc Severinsen, back to the era of Johnny Carson?

Tommy Newsom played high lead levels. Eddie Shaughnessy I play the drums. angry youths wept Conte played the trumpet. But it was a great group – including horns Doc 5 + 4 + 5 saxophones trombones, including Tommy + piano + bass + drums + guitar. It would be great to have a complete list of players. They were all top musicians.

Trumpet: Trumpet Snooky Young Bugle Bandleader / Doc Severinsen trumpet / flugelhorn, trombone Audino John Allen Vizzutti: Gilbert Falco Bruce Paulson Bass Trombone: Ernie Tack Alto Sax / Clarinet / Flute: alto sax John Bambridge / arranger / conductor Assistant: Tommy Newsom tenor sax / flute / Clarinet: Pete Christlieb, Bill Perkins, Ernie Watts Tenor Sax / Conductor: Sax baritone saxophone Branford Marsalis bass / flute / Euphonium: Don Ashworth Guitar: Bob Bain, Peter Woodford, Tony Mottola Piano: Under Ross Tompkins: Drums Joel DiBartolo, Ed Shaughnessy

list of great bass guitar players