Accelerate Your Guitar Playing Dvd

accelerate your guitar playing dvd
Hear and Play Jazz 201: Another Great Descending Piano Lick To Use On Piano!

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Learn to play bass

How to be cool

Come with me on a journey into the past, the deep dark past of my adolescence. Grade 8. We are all sporting long hair and some of us still use flared jeans (but fashion is in outputs). band class begins and we choose the instrument that we play in the next 10 months.

I'm in Grade 7 Crown – Pretty cool. But this year I'd be really cool. I want to play in the back of the room. I play the bass!

Unfortunately, I get the trombone – the The most interesting second instrument in the band (for all rock bands have a large paper clip).

Well, as time goes forward, we see the bassist is always calm, cool and quiet part of the whole band. The guitar and rhythm are all on the scene with the sound of his power kicks and showman antics. The singer is pitched up, grooming and put everything out there for the public. The drummer is cutting loose – a dervish of arms, legs and hair.

Only bassist is calm amid the storm. Not to say that this is not rockin 'it. Just rockin 'in a way completely different. A cooler way!

On Lower Learning

Thus, after losing in college, what are my options? How can I put cold hands on this I missed? Where can I get my hair back (oops, wrong article.)

There are many options that are available to learn a new instrument. Take a look at a few.


Private lessons or group lessons are available for most instruments the popular and low it is no exception. On learning in this environment is best that you have access to an expert who can show not only what should do, they can watch you play and provide feedback to accelerate learning.

However, lessons can be expensive (Usually in the $ 40 to $ 50 an hour for the range of private lessons). In addition, you can not always plan our time in the course. In a busy life that can not be the best option.

Tutoring and interference

If you like the idea of having a teacher, but do not want to spring for courses, you can try to find a group of people learning to play. You can play together and help each other. Group members are a little further encourage those who can begin.

If such groups exist in your area (or any other field for that matter) is another matter. This would an option if you can find one. Or you could start your own.


If you do it yourself route, then Books are an option. A quick search in your favorite book store to turn to titles like Bass Guitar for Dummies, The Book of serious and others.

With these technical books can read and display photos.

However, it is an important element missing here – his. There are some something a little strange about learning music without listening to music.

Online courses and DVDs

This is the area where online courses and DVDs can shine. This is DIY and you can go at their own pace, such as books. They have the ability to add video and sound in the mixture, which can actually watch and listen to the teacher shows to do. They are cheaper than private lessons.

This is the path that attracts me the most. I'm a DIY type of person and I learn at my own pace in my own home.

One of the companies I've found doing the type of DVD is the legacy of learning. Courses that have large numbers in piano, guitar, dance and art.

They finally are fresh and without title = "Learning and mastering the avant-garde Series – Bass Guitar "> Learn and Master Series Spotlight – Low. This is a DVD 3 Marvelli that Tony has worked with artists such as Brian Littrell, Mandisa and Phil Stacey. Available April 30, 2010, but now you can pre-order.

His next move to Cool

So Now you must decide what we do. There many great options available to you now. You must decide which of these works best for you. Person else I can say – and maybe your mother can.

But it is time to end the clip, get a cool hat and start on Whalin the bass!

accelerate your guitar playing dvd