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play guitar free online games
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Are there free games online that are like guitar hero but my chemical romance songs?

I f *** ING love My Chemical Romance (especially Gerard Way) and I love to play a game like this online. I love his songs! (More precisely at the end)

I think the thing It is the closest StepMania, but you must download to your PC. Also, do not come with any song, but you can download songs mcr for him. Songs can be a bit harsh, but you can make your own steps to do this by clicking on the Edit menu songs / synchronization. Oh, yes it is Free. Download Type it ^ ^ My Chemical Romance songs or the end Download_and_Install_Songs How to install songs ^ (which seems rather complicated, but very easy to install) I know I wanted an online game, but it is the closest thing I know of:)

play guitar free online games