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learn guitar harmony
Piano and Guitar Harmony Lesson: Polychords and Polychordism

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Music Help!

In wat music is the melody and harmony? Because I'm learning guitar and read the time to write a good song should have a good melody. I am clueless. . . please help! Oh, and if you know a good website for guitar lessons please read! Thank you

Melody is a group of notes played one after the other. The melody is the melody. It is often easier music to remember the animated part. Harmony is also a group of notes, except for these notes are read, below and around the melody. Harmony supports the melody and gives it the texture of the music or the mood. You can change how a piece of music sounds when you change only the harmony. The melody is heard even very different if played with a band or another. Let to see …. easy to say, the melody is the cake. Harmony is the icing on the cake. And sorry, I do not know of any websites that offer guitar lessons.

learn guitar harmony

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