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Can someone explain to me what he's talking about this link? http://www.ehow.com/how_2186965_write-strong-chord-progression-guitar.html First, where, F #, FG and E come from? How are they elected? How do you know that the agreements go with? He said that you must learn agreements and letters .. (CEG DFA …), but there is no F # in all this? sharp objects .. old or less .. Can anyone help explain or give me a link to something that does? Thank you!

It is a lesson peak. I used to play guitar for 15 years and I can barely understand some of what this man says. You really have to know heavily on the underlying theories of these things does not make sense at all. Make no mistake, these are highly relevant information, but I think that frustrate a beginner. There are grammatical errors in there also, and impossible things. In short, I can not help someone or make sense of this. You need someone to show you all the building blocks before you can use it as this article shows. If you do not get the lesson of this man, do not worry! It is too, too bad!

learn guitar ehow