Learn Guitar Music Notes

learn guitar music notes
How to Read Music Notes on the Guitar

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Can you help me learn to play musical notes on a guitar?

I need help learning how to read notes and play them on guitar. My only book I said that "lines" and "spaces" and rhythmic notation. I'm in a lesson on the chain "G". Tell me where to put your finger to play and where to get 'G', then he told me just to read musical notes and play. The song is "Are you sleeping?" It's a bit annoying for someone like me to play songs kiddish, but I have to start somewhere. In agreement "G", Say the neighborhood of the note with the story in place, it is under "G", where I put my fingers? Area "A"? Line B the story down? I'll be strumming a different way or in another location? The book says just ask. What is the difference between notes when the story up or down or when you have a little something bent? What do you dictate the position of the fingers on the guitar and play? Thank you very much, your help is greatly appreciated 🙂

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learn guitar music notes