100 Great Guitar Players

100 great guitar players
Beat it Solo (Michael Jackson – Van Halen)

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Help with buying a guitar amp?

I want to buy an amplifier that is about $ 600 and I found two (Peavy ValveKing 212 100-watt amplifier and a head halfstack flight with 16 effects and they are 100 watts with a game that was four inches cabnet speaker 120Watts 12.) I pedals I do not need no known effects and tone of the average, I stack yet.I rules "of the king of the large valve tone.but IDK if the average load stack would be better. Help your oppinons and I say it's the best buy? Of course, I am a player looking to make blue metal concerts.

The Peavey is a lot better than crow. Can also study these questions in your price range. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Marshall-MG4-Series-MG100HFX-and-MG412A-or-MG412B-Half-Stack-869705-i1445164.gc http://www.guitarcenter.com/B-52-LS100-Y-LS412A "Half-Stack-774 287-Y i1385190.gc for more power and versatility of its super – http://www.guitarcenter. com/Line-6-Spider-IV-HD150-150W-and- 4×12-Guitar-Half Stack-887-755-i1470629.gc

100 great guitar players

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