Play Guitar On Macbook

play guitar on macbook
Macbook Games – Guitar Hero 3 how to

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What do you think of my last song?

Hello everybody! My name is Ulises Dupaco, and I'm a 19yo guy. I love playing guitar, and began in April to register and create songs with Logic Pro on a MacBook. I do it: Guitar, Lyrics performed and recorded by me: letter and sing for me under: played on a MIDI keyboard, drums, played on a MIDI keyboard and displays … Well … Everything from the beginning that I just finished my sixth song called Paperwall. I love doing reviews and opinions, if you like it or not, why … technical advice are also welcome! Thank you guys! PD: Remember to be a fan (I hate that word, really, but it is easier for me to seek your advice in the future!) Http: / / / ulyssedupac

I only heard one song so far (paperwall) and I really like. I love how this type of construction to the choir. I listen to other things now, just thought I had to comment quickly. I do not have a myspace or facebook, if it can not become a fan virtual, but I get a real one hehe. I tell my friends about you!

play guitar on macbook