Play Guitar Through Your Computer Software

play guitar through your computer software
TUTORIAL: Cheap way to record guitar onto your computer w/ combo amp

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Recording of my song?

I am a boy of 20 who has just discovered she could sing a week and quite well, I might add. Also I have a passion for music and for me to be able to sing really, really happy because I write songs, play guitar and sing. My question is, how do I record what I sing. I have a very nice laptop, and I heard that you can do almost everything by computer, but not know exactly how and what I need. to know what kind of software (if any), equipment (microphones, etc. ..), etc. .. In fact, I have no idea, but it would be awsome if I could do everything via my computer. Thank you guys so much in advance!

Everyone I gave my opinion. But they certainly will need a software. Then you can record your guitar and sing alone. It is particularly useful if you lose your guitar, but are there with the song. Unfortunately I have no software to record and have both simultaneously. It's a pain in neck. Good luck and I hear this music you've recorded. IM me;)

play guitar through your computer software