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learn guitar berkeley
Marc Biedermann – Pusher Man

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What major universities have arts programs mid major programs and music?

I really do not know what I want, but important in what will probably be a liberal arts-ish, if you know what I mean (history, journalism, psychology, political science, international relations). But part of me really wants to make music. I played the piano since I was four years and can play the violin and viola, now I'm teaching the guitar and want to learn to sing. So I really want to have some sort of music where you go to college. So my question is, what the universities great liberal arts programs and music programs? I am currently interested in Wisconsin (Madison), UC Berkeley, UCLA, Michigan, University New York, New York, Brown (school reach super), Tulane, etc. That universities, which are quite similar to what you suggest someone who wants get a degree in liberal arts, but also music to use. I'm not really interested in very small schools, of course. Thank you!

University of Rochester (with Eastman School of Music)

learn guitar berkeley