Learn Guitar Bass

learn guitar bass
#11 How to learn a new song for any piano, guitar, bass or drum set.

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What are good songs to learn on bass guitar?

I got a bass guitar three weeks ago for Christmas and I’ve loved it. The first song I learned was “Come Together” by The Beatles. A few other songs include “Money”, “Black”, “Kashmir”, “Ramble On”, “Under the Bridge”, and the opening riffs of “Heartbreaker”, “Run to the Hills”, “N.I.B.”, among others. I would be thankful for any suggestions on fun songs to play.

Try some of RHCP’s funkier songs, anything where Flea slaps the bass. Can’t Stop for example.

Number of the Beast by Maiden, not super hard, but up tempo and fun.

Rage Against the Machine, any song. Try Bombtrack or for a little harder try Killing In The Name.

Muse – Hysteria, easy once you get the hang of it, but it sounds hard :p.

Other than that some STP, Metallica, Megadeth and Sabbath would be good.

learn guitar bass

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