Play Guitar Finger Diagram

play guitar finger diagram
How To Play Guitar for Beginners : Different Approaches for Beginning Guitar

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My fingers seem too small for the full size I need a / 4 guitars 3?

I think learning to play, I have a Washburn Acoustic good hand me down that is full size. I watched a few chord diagrams and I can not even come to play a C example. I read is usually a matter of finger strength to be built, but do not see how it helps me when I can not get where I gotta go. I just measured my middle finger is slightly 3 inches. I just measured my middle finger is a little over 3 inches to give you an idea of the size of my hand. Thank you for your help. would especially like to hear people at the hands of similar size and if the full game or less.

Hello Guy Hands lengeth finger, lean or Fat is not relevant in the game Yu must ensure that your hand is parallel to the height at any time. In this spirit, it is easier to stretch yhefinger. Most guitar players tend to Twis his hand a bit is wrong. Second, having a small neck, but not long in diameter. Givson have wings fat neck and neck, and Jackson thinner. Help. As for the length of your finger, is good enough to play in any height. I could understand a guitar neck Classic is much larger, but, acoustic and electric (next to Gibson) has a normal cervix.

play guitar finger diagram