How To Learn Guitar Solos By Ear

how to learn guitar solos by ear
Play / learn guitar songs by ear – solo – rhythm – lead – palm mute – last one to die – rancid

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How can you learn guitar? Simply touch them? Why do you need to learn the chords?

I really want to learn guitar. I have tons of patience, so it's not a problem. I know some chords, but do not know why I need to learn. I do not know how to read music. I really want to learn music from classic rock (Scorpions, Heart) is marked, but I learned by ear or playing music. I seriously do not know where to start. How all the classic rock star players learn to play guitar solos? I know that years practice, but practice what? Do you just scratch until they hear something they like? Usually, I try just to learn the tabs, and sometimes it does not even work! How do you learn the ear, or play alone? Not only do I want to learn classic rock but hard metal, country, rock, normal, or just how to write a song for a girl. All good things. Please i need help. Thank you very much.

Playing guitar is the greatest. I played for 25 years and I enjoyed the first week that I do now. It is a journey that never ends. You can hear some songs I wrote in mypace Chord is there where everything starts, especially if you want to write. If you can read A, B, C, D, E, F, G agreement, you can virtually play thousands of songs and make thousands others. Not read music and very few musicians he plays right. Do not worry about it. You should probably learn a little theory base (I know it sounds horrible) but here a little theory – some of his best all agreements and all its horrible. Play an E an A and a B. I feel good because they are in the same "key" (E). Play something, G and C, D. The same, which go hand in hand because they are in the same tone. If you hear a song you like and you can find the key, you can quickly discover agreements – you play by "ear." How do you know the keys? This is the best way to start. There is a tendency, with agreements of energy, you can go anywhere on the field and will always be essential, regardless of agreement to start. I do not know what a power chord is? Google itself. It is the most basic, two strings accordingly. OK, here's the model, in G. Play a power chord G – sixth string (the biggest string) / Third fret, fifth string / fifth fret. Now playing a power chord – fifth string / third fret and the string of fourth and fifth fret. Now, playing an agreement D Power – fifth string and fifth fret and fourth string / seventh fret. You just play the chords in the key of G. Now you're ready to start releasing every pitch. Play a chord power begins at the sixth string on the handle and anywhwere follow the same pattern – a string to down to the second chord, then slide up two boxes for the third agreement. Learn chords and power abcdefg "agreements open "as well. Solos. More knowledge will not help. Here's a great page that shows you the" scales "of all keys. Http: / / If you do not understand everything on your own (ha, no one can), the Internet is full of sites of class, something that was not there when I started to learn.

how to learn guitar solos by ear