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how to learn guitar fast and free
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What are good compositions for classical guitar?

I asked an art based on the high school and a hearing January or February, which is sooner than I thought it would. I need a few good pieces of 15 years would be capable of learning. I think I should have 4 or 5, but I'll learn as much as I can. Like Paganini Caprice fifth, but it is very fast … 7 pages. How many pages do I learn? So I need some good songs on classical guitar. if there is anywhere I can download the sheet music for them for free would be very well too! THANK YOU!

Kurt: With the exception of Paganini, all mentioned compositions are transcriptions of non-guitarist composers. If I sitting in the examination of his story, I wonder why you do not play the guitar literature. Paganini is a violinist, not a guitarist, and first wrote pieces for guitar to please his lover alive. His compositions are not guitar in nature, but betray his violin skills, so that the Music is often poorly placed on the neck of the guitar and on stilts. I recommend you play a few songs by Sor, Carruli, Giuliani and Carcassi …. masters of the nineteenth century guitar. Many of them are online, or a good book that contains most of his most famous compositions is "Library of the classical guitar" published by AMSCO Publications. Another piece that will be easy, but deleting is Diabelli "Prelude in A major. I wish him luck in his concert. Cliff E (classical guitarist)

how to learn guitar fast and free