How To Play Guitar Computer Software

how to play guitar computer software
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Getting the guitar reverb?

I play guitar with my amp with reverb, but I can not find the reverb settings on my amp. I do not want to buy a reverb pedal. Is it possible to obtain reverberation that can not realize that not spending $ 50 or more for a pedal? How can I use my computer as an amplifier and get the software to add reverb to give? Thank you in advance.

Depending on the quality of the sound card on your computer, you can use exactly the same as an amplifier. If your sound card is not good, you update and it will probably cost much more than buying a pedal. For the effect of reverberation you need or VST. Not a lot of very good ones out there that mimic the effects of reverberation and other than you think. Here is a list of 15 free reverb …. The First on the list – Environment – is absolutely quality. I use in my music all the time. If you've never used before VST, you might need a host program for them. There are lots of free software hosting there too. It's good for the purpose you need.

how to play guitar computer software