Blues Guitar Chords

blues guitar chords
Blues Guitar Lesson – Easy Blues Chords and Comping

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What are the sounds of traditional blues guitar?

Most blues songs we E. A, D and B7th,,,, are the foundation of basic concepts … learn these and you can play the songs 100erds Here are some songs that use agreements sister Mira,,,, Trouble in Mind Midnight Special ,,,,,,,,,,,,, sun shine in my back door one day ,,,,, CC Rider, Cross Roads. You shook me, and the teacher ,,,,, many more agreements you can play almost anything to get about 12 bar up the shit,,, They want to be a musician you say about,,, they do not even know what this means 12 bar 12 bar means that the song is limited to 12 bars,,,, And it has nothing to do with the chords used are you really want to restrict their music just 12 bars? I see a lot of players (not musicians) to restrict to 12 bar songs, playing in every dive to get anywhere,,,, looks like everyone to play safe,,,, If you want to succeed in the big time as me, so you do different things ,,,,, experience ….. Keep it simple and learn all about the music they can,,, I have 6 hit songs under my belt and none of them use the 12 bars,,,, my most successful to use only those agreements ….. G, C, B flat, E flat (Please note my guitar is tuned one step full down) and the song is 17 bars ,,,,,

blues guitar chords

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