Play Guitar Hero Game Online Free Rock

play guitar hero game online free rock
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock – Wii Trailer

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About games like GH, RB and others?

Ok, so I just remembered that I played a game (can not remember the name). Was like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. U need to press a button when a color box is there (I do not know what to say.) Ok, so we need to know what the game is called free. Now I will make a discription of it. Ok, so there are songs on it. But u can upload your own! then a trek game made for u. U are like a rocket and U must go through the line (as in GH fall colored boxes) and destroy the boxes in time. Well color or whery can play online. I do not know what else to say to players to help me please! : P (I'm sorry to the grammar of Lithuania)

Audio Surfing, online demo for free download, the game actually cost money, but that's what your thinking .<—. Frets on Fire is a game music and plays almost exactly like Guitar Hero 2, which is a complete game free with hundreds of songs, and the ability to create your own.

play guitar hero game online free rock