How To Play Guitar Basic Notes

how to play guitar basic notes
Bass Guitar Basics : How to Play a G Note on Bass Guitar

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Is it possible that some people are not meant to play the guitar?

I play every day, but not much progress. I can play basic agreements, but it takes time to find and get the fingers to press the frets right. Several times, I can not scratch with great pace, either because the wrist in all directions. I can not move from note to note and agree to, and I am so frustrated. Sentí as tapeworm that aprender la guitarra porque tengo talento cantando, pero it seems so unnatural and not suitable for me. Would it be wrong for me to leave? I want to learn to play guitar, but maybe just not for some people. What do you think? For example, I am a big fan of The Doors. I saw a video Jim Morrison playing piano, not guitar. May have had problems with the field too? Is is normal for singers? Heh, watch this video Plastic Ladyland:

I do not play an instrument has to do with a good singer or not. As for the guitar – not everyone can play guitar too. When I was younger, I went to a tutor and was a student who has sooo not been living, playing for hours, were given the right techniques, but has never sounded so good – no sense in music whatsoever. Print Music is a Tallent Tallent and the other, but not all. I suggest you find what you're really talented and developed. Otherwise, frustrated and depressed, if you pursue things that are not for you. Keep in mind that everyone has a gift on this planet – no need to be artistic. I, for example I am very good with numbers – annoying yes, but I'm very happy in my accounting / IT systems work and enjoy. It is preferable to develop this ability to try to draw like Da Vinci.

how to play guitar basic notes

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